About Us

About Us


The second brand of PT WARNA MARDHIKA present in 1995, namely NAIL. NAIL focuses on the uniqueness of modern
men’s shirt is devoted for them who casual style, but still looks exclusive.

Product Concept

  • NAIL distinctively for men’s shirts provide products with the best materials are Cotton Linen.
  • The uniqueness of NAIL is printed designs and contemporary images very exclusive.
  • NAIL also provides shirts, jackets, chinos, bermuda, linen trousers are a complement of the latest collection.
  • NAIL brought the concept of man-spirited traveler and like outdoor activities.

Target Market

The brand is targeted for middle and upscale men. Ages 30 - 50years old with adventurous and young souls.

Key Items

Top Product : Limited exclusive collection
Material : 100 % cotton, 100% rami, 100% linen and linen cotton.